Developmental Disabilities

We provide services for individuals with developmental disabilities. These services currently include:

  • Community Access Individual
    To promote active participation and independence outside the convenience of your private homes, CAI can assist you in maintaining and fostering your socialization skills as well as your ability to adapt to social situations. They also promote self-help to better encourage your growth.
  • Community Residential Access
    Through a series of activities and interventions, CRA provides training and services that are able to meet the demands of participants. It is also flexible when it comes to the changes in service needs of the client. This service is especially beneficial to those needing concentrated levels of support. CRA can address any of the following areas specified: toileting, personal hygiene, mobility, feeding, medical-related care, dressing, social skills/relationships, and home management.
  • Specialized Medical Supplies
    As per the Individual Service Plan, our specialized medical supplies are comprised of the following:
    • Protective sheets for bedwetting
    • Specialized clothing
    • Diapers
    • Food supplements
    • And other essential supplies
  • Prevocational Services
    This service provides clients preparation for both paid and unpaid employment. It also incorporates essential training for handling tasks, solving problems, maintaining safety and security, compliance, and attendance.
  • Behavior Support Management
    Services of BSM can be comprehensive and inclusive as long as it is required and applicable to CLS and CRA services. The implementation of the Behavior Support and Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP) is rendered through a team of professionals working together. Basic and Enhanced Additional Residential Staffing is available based on request through Support Coordination and Clinical Request Referrals. Clients interested in availing ARS should be advised that it is not accessible in private homes except when permitted for temporary stabilization purposes in answer to emergencies or institutional changes. Qualified individuals can also avail of Skilled Nursing Services.
  • Respite Care
    Respite Services - Respite is provided in situations, such as when families or care givers are in need of additional support or relief, when the person needs relief or a break from a care giver, when a person is experiencing a crisis, short term support or when relief from care giving is necessitated by unavoidable circumstances, such as a family emergency.
  • CLS (Community Living Services)
    Community Living Support (CLS) Services are individualized supports intended to assist the person with the achievement, preservation, or improvement in skills. The services are offered to individuals who live in their own or family home.
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