Who We Are

Our Company

Crown Health Care Services, Inc. is a licensed Private Home Care and Personal  Care Home/Assisted Living Provider through the state of Georgia's Office of Regulatory Services, Department of Human Resources. Our records and practices are reviewed annually by the state. Let us provide you and your loved ones with the care and compassion they need and deserve.

Our Clients

We serve individuals who are homebound but do not require institutional care. Our services are most useful for families who have a loved one recently discharged from the hospital but need extra attention to ensure full recovery at a pace that has been recommended by their physician. Because we bring health care services of the same quality to your home, you can enjoy the comfort and familiarity where you live. We also provide services to patients in nursing facilities and assisted living care homes. We provide nursing, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social service workers and any other services recommended by your doctor.

To learn more about the services we provide and how to acquire them, please call us at (770) 716-0402.

Contact Information
101 Devant Street, Ste. 803
Fayetteville, GA 30214

Phone:     (770) 716-0402
Fax:         (770) 719-3409
Toll Free: 1(888) 368-1388